TouchBistro’s Kitchen Display System

Improve order accuracy, increase efficiency, and time meals and courses perfectly with the help of TouchBistro’s Kitchen Display System (KDS).

  • Speed Up Service with Instant, On-Screen Tickets
    Orders placed in the POS appear immediately on the KDS screen and are signaled by a loud chime – helping you reduce missed orders and long wait times.

  • Optimize Coursing with Kitchen Impact Printer Integrations
    Want to continue pairing prepared orders with printed tickets? The KDS enhances your operations, but doesn’t have to replace printed chits.

  • Simplify BOH Operations with Intuitive Touch Screen
    Features like customizable ticket and font sizes, instinctive drag and swipe controls, and color-coded ticket statuses make the kitchen display easy to learn and use.

  • Improve Guest Experience with Meal Pacing Tools
    Grouping features and ticket colors that change based on time open help you ensure diners at the same table receive meals at the same time.

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TouchBistro KDS can be run on any iPad that can run iOS 6. This includes the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and the iPad Pro 2015 or newer devices.

Kitchen Display System pricing varies based on your existing TouchBistro POS license. Talk to a TouchBistro specialist to learn more.

Yes. Our kitchen ordering system hardware isn’t meant to replace your kitchen printer – simply complement it.

Free Resources for Optimizing BOH Efficiency

You can find educational content to help you improve kitchen operations, increase BOH productivity, hire the best team, and lots more on the TouchBistro Blog.

See TouchBistro’s Kitchen Display System in Action

An iPad with the TouchBistro Software opened