TouchBistro’s Restaurant Menu Management Software

Your menu is at the center of every dining experience. Our menu management system can help you organize drinks and dishes in seconds, sell more premium items, manage takeout orders, and more.

  • Save Time with an Easy-to-Build Menu

    Add, clone, and organize menu items with just a few clicks, and automatically sync these changes to your in-venue and online ordering menus. Schedule menus to introduce specials for certain times of day or to change with the seasons.

  • Increase Sales with Upselling Tools

    Color-coded menus remind staff to highlight promotions or upsell specific items. Adding high-quality images to your menu can help servers upsell tableside.

  • Manage Takeout Orders with Ease

    View takeout and delivery orders separately from dine-in orders to minimize confusion and streamline operations.

  • Improve the Guest Experience with Personalization Features

    Detailed menu descriptions help servers answer diners’ questions and make tailored recommendations. Servers can easily accommodate special requests with custom modifiers.

  • Streamline Operations with POS Integrations

    Integration with kitchen hardware lets you route orders to specific BOH stations by menu category or item. And TouchBistro’s built-in inventory management feature alerts you when it’s time to reorder supplies.

  • Boost Revenue by Selling Non-Food Items

    Easily add non-food items like packaged foods or branded merchandise to your menu.

Resources for Making the Most Of Your Menu

How can psychology be used in menu design to increase diner spend? Should you give guests lots of options or is a small menu better for business? What’s the best way to design a prix fix menu ? Get answers to these questions and more on TouchBistro’s Blog.

See TouchBistro’s Menu Management Software in Action

An iPad with the TouchBistro Software opened