TouchBistro’s Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Always know what you have on hand – and when it’s time to order more ingredients – with our easy-to-use restaurant inventory tracking system.

  • Simplify Inventory Management with Recipe Logging

    Record ingredient details, like costs and quantities, then build recipes in your POS. When you update your inventory after new shipments, all menu items containing those ingredients are automatically updated.

  • Increase Profit Margins with Sales Data

    Easy access to food costs and sales data helps you decide which menu items to keep, and which to get rid of, based on profitability – not just a gut feeling.

  • Reduce Food Waste with Reporting

    Real-time reporting on stock levels helps you know exactly what and how much to order from vendors, helping you reduce costly food waste.

  • Let Guests Know About 86ed Items – BEFORE They Order

    Customizable pop-up alerts inform servers when an item is running low, so they’ll rarely have to tell guests a dish they ordered isn’t available. If an item runs out during service, you can mark it out of stock, instantly disabling it to avoid confusion.

Access More Features Through Advanced Inventory and Vendor Management Integrations

Unlock powerful inventory tools like stock depletion forecasting, beverage program management, and online purchase ordering directly from vendors through our integration partners.

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Resources for Maximizing Your Inventory

Knowing your stock levels is about so much more than just keeping up with demand. Our blog is home to educational articles that can help you avoid costly inventory mistakes, design your menu to sell more profitable items, and more.

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